Our Mission

Our mission is to develop digital solutions to Educational institutions and Parents , which will enable a streamlined communication channel which is easy to use and understand
School Administration

Our administration application enables quick data capturing which leads to a connected parent. Data captured in real time which is safe and secure. The system integrates seamlessly into our communicator mobile application which is FREE to download from the Major App stores.

Mobile App Communicator

Our Mobile App provides rich content to parents and is unique and custom to each institution. The rich features provide the school with a tool that not only notify parents on operations , but will also provide in depth data on each learner. This is key to tackle burning issues and concerns in the admin block and on learner level. The application also allows a paperless environment where information is sent and recieved.

How it works


Data Captured

Administrators will capture data on the admin dashboard

Data saved to your child's profile

Once all the data is captured ,parents can now view it on the schools Mobile App. Each user receives a unique username and password which is linked to the students profile.


Users receive notifications by the administrator , these messages are unlimited at no cost the school.


Users provide feedback , enter forms and provide the school admin with valuable information and insight.
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Get In Touch

We would love to hear from you , We are open to start a POC to provide you peace of mind and in depth knowledge of how our system works